We at Prequel Limited want to help you succeed in business. We want you to expand your business. We want you to take your ideas to the market. We want to help you protect your business from liquidation risk.

Prequel Limited is set up by M A Yousaf, a business consultant with a handful of experience in setting up and successfully managing businesses. He is also Director of Prequel Limited, UK. He started his business career as Business Adviser in FN Business Management Consultancy and moved onto Business Consultancy Services. 

Mr. Yousaf has well-rounded education starting with statistical subjects during the high school years. He then completed Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. He also has a PG Diploma in Business Management. He then completed MBA in Business Management. He has done a proper training course in Business Consultancy.

This excellent combination of hands-on business experience backed by business and management education gives us an supernatural ability to spot a business idea where others may just see problems. Now you can take advantage of our capabilities, Leverage our business experience to your advantage if you are thinking of starting a business or are a start-up or a small business / SME.

If you are facing any problems like: 

"Cash flow problem , Profitability decline, ​Liquidity risk, Inefficiency, Working labour or Production inefficiency, Wastage of resources due to mismanagement "

We would diagnose the problem using our valuable techniques & strategies to give you best solution to get your company out of it.                                                                                

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