THE BUSINESS Professionals​

​​Prequel Limited offers the expertise a high-technology company needs to develop new product distribution and new market segments in new markets. This can be taken as high-level retainer consulting, market research reports, or project-based consulting.

Our sales consultancy, mentoring and training services focuses on systems (including sales pipeline), processes, people and their alignment to achieving results - with people factors covering areas such as sales personalities, building bond, values and building credibility. We also help clients and their sales staff with goal setting.  "Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success." (Abraham Lincoln).


Our Strategic planning and implementation services support clients to achieve efficiency, economy and value for money. We provide full systems, consultancy and professional 'Toolkits' - latter for clients who wish to implement new systems themselves.

Our HR services are focused around performance, ensuring that the correct strategies, organisational structure and processes are in place to allow the organization to perform to the best of their capabilities. Our Financial techniques are always helpful for the clients who build individual and team performance, stimulating ownership of deliverables and targets and willingness to contribute to corporate objectives. 


We provide marketing services which contribute to increased revenue and profitability - from preparation of comprehensive marketing strategies to corporate brochures and marketing literature, scripting of websites and preparing targeted prospect letters and follow-up processes.


Resources are always necessary to achieve growth and we assure you will be fully satisfied with our services and will have considerable success within these areas. We are entirely focused on supporting our clients to grow 
and prosper and bring our experience to the table.


We are based in Manchester, service clients located throughout the UK.